Comicfestival Hamburg

Last Weekend my first solo exhibition took place at Comicfestival Hamburg. Many thanks to everyone who helped!

Here are some calm pictures from the day after the opening:

expo_4 expo_2 expo_3 expo_6 expo_5 expo_7 expo_8


This is what everyone was playing: “Cryshark”  (Based on a shortstory from the book).


More Cryshark

Here are some stills for screenshot saturday:

cryshark1 cryshark2


TinaLately I have been working on a computer game, based on a short strip from R&E (the story that about the volcano, the shark and the girl) . This is the girl Tina floating away. The game will be part of my exhibition at Hamburg’s Comicfestival.

Rezzo und Elisabeth

Rezzo und Elisabeth: 88 pages on Munken Print Cream with an embossed dog on the cover. It collects the adventure story from Zirp#3 – #5. Available for 19,95 € via publisher avant-verlag or at your favourite bookstore.

 Rezzo und Elisabeth Rezzo und Elisabeth Rezzo Rezzoundelisabeth05 Rezzoundelisabeth08 Rezzoundelisabeth10 Rezzoundelisabeth11 Rezzoundelisabeth13 Rezzoundelisabeth16 Rezzoundelisabeth15



Zirp#4: Selfpublished minicomic. Available via The Treasure Fleet.

zirp5_1zirp5_2 zirp5_3 zirp5_8jpg zirp5_7 zirp5_6 zirp5_5 zirp5_4

Mila Superstar

Strapazin #112 collects 150 short strips about tv shows of our childhood.


My favourite Singers

Poster of a few of my favourite singers being active at some point in the 60s.



Illustration for Die Zeit .

Crazy Cop

My Comic for Orang#10 - Heavy Metal. The final issue of the Orang Anthology.


Kleine Urnen

Illustrations for a short story by Rainer Klis in Das Magazin.